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自然风光 Natural Landscape
光影人文 Light, Shadow And Life
城市风光  City Landscape

Special Exploring 
Captures 10

It always takes tens of hours and thousands of miles to reach the ideal destinition.
 However, great explorers do not follow maps, some great and unforgettable sceneries are captured unexpectedly.

01. Super  Rocket Launching

My best shot, greatest of all time.  This image was  took in Hainan of China, which has helped me win a lot of awards.

02. Ultimate Climb at  4777m

I became the first tourist to reach the top of  a Blade's Edge Mountain nearby.
The farthest mountain is Gongga, a sacred mountain in local Tibetan areas.

03. Unbelievable Sea Tides

This image was shot at my hometown by a telephoto lens of drone.
After tide recedes, sea left wonderful patterns on the ground

04. Rainy Night in NPU

This photo was taken at my undergraduate school. 
Bounded by parasol trees, the lights on both sides form a warm-cold contrast.

05. Our Sunset Story Begins

This photo is actually a collage made up of three independent photos.
To capture these photos, I tracked the sun and calculated the date in advance.

06. Claws Of The Earth

A dried river band located at the Northwest of China
Because of the special weather condition, the colour of local soil is red.

07. Misty Forest In Canas

Canas, which is a well-know national park at the Northwest of China. 
There is a great probability to see morning fog in this place.

08. Twisty Rivers in Bayanblak

The river meanders on the endless grassland into the distance.

09. Minimalism Blue and Grey

Actually, this is a surreal and minimalist picture.
A lot of post-processing procedures were used to create the ground, light and shadow.

10. The Best Weather In My Life

Can you believe it?
At sunset, the pouring rain suddenly turned cleared up, 
which created marvelous light and shadow.
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